Recent factchecks and disinformation news from TheJournal

In September, TheJournal published the following factcheck investigations:  

Debunked: A quote by Yuval Noah Harari that technology will ‘replace people’ is missing context

Debunked: Teacher wasn’t jailed over pronouns, but for breaking a court order by going to school

Debunked: Tony Cascarino did not throw his takeaway in the bin and other fake queen claims

FactFind: How many current TDs own houses that they rent out?

Debunked: Climate change is real – it is not a ‘hoax’ or a ‘scam’ designed to control people

Debunked: No, 35km queues of traffic have not formed at the Russia-Finland border

Debunked: Protesters outside Russian embassy in Dublin were not chanting Nazi slogans

FactCheck: Is the renters’ €500 tax credit just worth seven days worth of rent in Dublin?

Debunked: No, excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not down to natural causes

For a summary of the the latest factchecks from EDMO factchecking partners across Europe, visit EDMO’s Fact-checking Briefs:

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