Media Literacy training opportunities in September 2023

EDMO Ireland is pleased to partner with Media Literacy Ireland in a series of Media Literacy training workshops for community leaders, coaches, teachers and librarians. In today’s media environment, it is very important that individuals have access to good-quality information to make well-informed choices, but unfortunately, not all information has the same value, accuracy, or reliability. Therefore, the aim of this initiative is to empower individuals with the knowledge, techniques and teaching resources to help others in their community understand the digital media landscape and some best practices to recognise and evaluate reliable information.

The training will be delivered by Edmo Ireland’s Media Literacy lead Dr Ricardo Castellini da Silva in mid-September. In these sessions, participants will receive instructions on how to use a media literacy ‘workshop in a box’ developed by Ricardo to provide further training in their communities. This educational package will be available for free to all participants and includes detailed teaching guidance, slides, handouts, and other learning resources.

This initiative is part of the Be Media Smart campaign developed and organized by Media Literacy Ireland since 2019. The main objective of the campaign has always been to help people in Ireland critically assess the reliability of the information they consume, and become more conscious and responsible citizens when dealing with digital media content. As such, the provision of media literacy training and resources is expected to positively impact a considerable number of individuals across the country and help them assess the information they consume daily. By equipping participants with the knowledge, skills and resources to become trainers themselves, this initiative not only provides media literacy knowledge directly but also enables a cascading effect of knowledge dissemination. As participants are trained to provide further education within their own communities, the potential to amplify awareness and responsible media practices becomes even more substantial.

The training sessions are available on a first-come, first-served basis and people should register their interest via this form before Monday 4th September. More information about this initiative can be found on the Media Literacy Ireland website.