Why it’s so easy to fall for fake AI images

EDMO Ireland’s media literacy coordinator, Ricardo Castellini da Silva, spoke to RTÉ Brainstorm about fake viral images.

After a fake image of Pope Francis in a white puffer jacket went viral, RTÉ Brainstorm wonder what the future holds for judging the veracity of digital images. DCU Professor Alan Smeaton explained that the image was successful because it was plausible. This is possible with clever, appropriate and accurate prompt engineering.

In terms of what it means for the public, EDMO Ireland’s Ricardo Castellini da Silva says: “We need to educate people and one of the most important parts of media literacy is actually the civic responsibility that we have as citizens”.

Some people are scared of the world “regulation” because they think of it in terms of censorship, he says. “But we’re not discussing censorship. It’s just that we have to regulate how this kind of new technology works. We have to regulate digital platforms, we have to regulate media companies, tech companies, and we have to regulate these kinds of software.”

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