EDMO Ireland provides Irish analysis for the IRI Beacon Project

EDMO Ireland is contributing analysis to the IRI Beacon Project. The project analyses the potential of hostile narratives to erode support for Ukraine in order to help policymakers understand the communications landscape and potential challenges. 

The monthly briefing assesses the most popular social media posts relating to sanctions on Russia, refugees, and NATO and provides expert assessment about the risk profile associated with each narrative in countries across Europe. The latest report includes a section covering Ireland as well as an overall section assessing Energy Security in each country. 

The Beacon Project was created by the International Republican Institute to counter and inoculate against the threat of disinformation in Europe, particularly from Russia. It achieves this goal through coalition building with a network of 500 active partners across the EU, conducting credible research via public opinion and media monitoring and engaging policymakers at the local, national, and EU level to inform the policy-making process.

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