Find links to key project outputs.


Visit TheJournal Factcheck for the latest debunks, factchecks, and explainers from TheJournal. Follow the team on Twitter at TJ_FactCheck.

Visit EDMO News for a monthly summary of factchecking activities across the EU. EDMO’s factchecking briefs are available in each of the official languages of the European Union including Irish.


Read the EDMO Ireland briefing report from January 2023.

Read EDMO Ireland’s contribution to the IRI Beacon project on hostile narratives on Ukraine.

Read EDMO Ireland’s analysis of far-right misrepresentations of Irish history on RTÉ Brainstorm.


Read “Countering Misinformation: Evidence, Knowledge Gaps, and Implications of Current Interventions” by Jon Roozenbeek, Eileen Culloty, and Jane Suiter. Part of a special issue of European Psychologist.

Read Beyond Performative Transparency: Lessons Learned From The EU Code Of Practice On Disinformation presented at AoIR 2022

Policy Insights

Read EDMO Ireland’s presentation with Coimisiún na Meán on the Code of Practice on Disinformation for the National Counter Disinformation Strategy working group.

Read the EDMO Ireland-GADMO led policy analysis of the EU Code of Practice on Disinformation

Read EDMO Ireland’s presentation to the National Counter Disinformation working group.

Read EDMO Ireland’s submission to the National Cyber Security Strategy consultation.

Read EDMO Ireland’s submission to the consultation on the national strategy for literacy, numeracy, and digital literacy.

Read EDMO Ireland’s country profile on regulating disinformation.

Media Literacy

Visit the training and development section of Media Literacy Ireland to find a searchable archive of media literacy resources curated by EDMO Ireland.

Read EDMO Ireland’s country profile on media literacy.

Tools and Technology

Read about Newswhip’s content intelligence tools.

Read about the University of Sheffield’s tools including rumour detection for social media.